A Review of Short-Term Car Insurance: All You Need to Know

Most states in America require some form of liability coverage or auto insurance to ensure that all motorists cater for all the financial costs in case an accident occurs. Temporary auto insurance can be bought on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as opposed to the standard auto insurance coverage for various events.

Importance of Short-term car insurance

Temporary auto insurance is also referred to as short-term auto insurance. It is a form of insurance cover that lasts for less than a year. Short-term car insurance is an excellent alternative to the conventional cover for drivers who plan to use their vehicles for a short period. Also, it is an attractive option for those who are not covered in the current policy, such as a family member, friend, or neighbor.

Features of Short-term auto insurance

Temporary auto insurance covers come as either liability coverage premiums or comprehensive policy. Their price is usually higher than the typical annual cover. A temporary car insurance cover may offer protection for a week, months or 3 months’ segment, and you have to renew it after a couple of days as soon as the policy expires. Insurance service providers who offer short-term insurance all over the US. Different states have their insurance firms with short-term car insurance.

The cost of the policy

Temporary auto insurance is a bit expensive than a standard annual policy, and might you end up paying more than the usual policy if you renew the policy every time. Short-term car insurance is only ideal for drivers who don’t want to have issues with driving without an auto cover or merely want to use the cover to buy time to get a long-term auto insurance policy.

Benefits of temporary auto insurance

In some states, drivers may be penalized heavily if they lapse in coverage. Those who are caught without any insurance policy at all are reprimanded. Temporary auto insurance prevents drivers from going through all these hustles.

A parent can buy a short-term auto insurance for his children who may use the car for only a short time. Additionally, business people may also buy temporary auto insurance when using another person’s car for a business trip.

A driver can work by a short-term car insurance to transport a new car home and have not yet determined the best car insurance policy to purchase. Temporary insurance buys them some time to figure out and to shop around for the best car insurance policy for their car while having some form of coverage.


Temporary auto insurance is not meant to be used as an alternative to long-term insurance covers. The insurance policy comes with all the benefits available in a regular car insurance policy, so there is no difference in coverage. However, some insurance companies offer discounts on short-term car insurance covers for current clients and customers, especially those who go on vacation, overseas or drive to other states on short visits.