Best Snowshoes On The Market Today

As the winter approaches, searching and eventually finding the perfect snowshoes is a tough task. Here is our pick for the best snowshoes for both men and women.

Louis Garneu Blizzard II

Floatation is key if you are walking in deep snow. It is determined by weight per square inch. However, choosing just the right size in the sea of choices is difficult. As far as weight is concerned Louis Garneu Blizzard II comes out as the best snowshoe out there for men. The foot feels great inside, it’s comfortable, cheaper with reasonable weight.
Best in terms of cost


These snowshoes cost just $99.95 without compromising the quality and comfort. The design of these snowshoes is distinct from that seen in most snowshoes in the market in that it can be easily used by beginners and cost-conscious snow trekkers. It has a lateral crampon which avid upcountry explorers really like. Because of their shape and short frame length, they enable an easy stride on the tough snow. MSR Evos are Men’s best choice snowshoes for both light off-trail use trail travel.
Best for trails

TSL Symbioz Elite

The traffic the backcountry tends to increase in winter so you may less likely use the traveled tracks. TSL Symbioz Elite snowshoes have fast binding, compact size, and excellent traction. These are the attributes of a shoe dedicated to trudge on the toughest upcountry trails. Their deck is impressively flexible as well. While maintaining a good float, the flexible deck shows the best shock absorption capability like never seen before in any line of snow shows. The excellent stride ergonomic and compactness further makes these snowshoes the best men’s pick for upcountry trails.

Atlas Elektra Rendezvous

They have just $140.95 on the price tag. They are comfortable, easy to walk with and provide the best floatation at that price range. They are impressively light although with a little compromise on its traction. You will find the snowy uphill climb to be stunningly easy using Atlas Elektra Rendezvous snowshoes. Compared to other snowshoes of its class and price, these snowshoes emerge as less grippy on snow thus offering the best winter exploration experience for any woman. However, they show the best performance mild rolling or mostly flat terrain.
Best overall snowshoe for women

MSR Lightning Ascent

Another version with exactly the same name is available for men so it is good to be specific while ordering them. These snowshoes have superior traction and robust construction to climb steep terrains. The binding is intuitive enough to allow you to bind them while wearing mittens or gloves. One thing that differentiates these snowshoes from the men’s version is their narrow profile to allow an easier natural gait. Although these snowshoes don’t have a good performance on floatation, all these other aspects make them a woman’s excellent choice for an upcountry venture during the winter.