Choosing The Best Reclining Beach Chair With Footrest

The beach is known to be one of those places where you can have fun in the water, soak up a little sun, and just sit back and relax. What better way to enjoy your surroundings than in a comfortable beach chair? And one of the most comfortable types of beach chairs are those that have reclining and footrest features. They come in several different styles–each meant to suit your needs and personal taste. In this guide, you will learn how to choose the perfect reclining beach chair for you. Although each of these options and has its own benefits, there are some might that be better suited for some than others.

When searching for a reclining beach chair with footrest, it is very important that you keep its durability in mind. The durability of your chair depends various things, but the frame material is definitely one of the most important factors. If you would like to get the most bang for your buck, then keep the pros and cons for each of these materials in mind.


Strong, durable, and known most for how stylish they are, the wooden reclining beach chair with footrest is a classic choice for beach seating. Many of these frames are composed of solid oak or even solid ash hardwood. They usually have protective oil finishes or marine-grade varnish. If you are interested in long-term performance, then you should consider buying a chair with teak, a hardwood that is most known for weather resistance and longevity.


When shopping for a reclining beach chair with footrest, you will find that aluminum is an extremely popular material. This is because it is strong, sturdy and relatively lightweight. It also offers outstanding resistance to all weather conditions with little to no maintenance. If you are a value shopper and are on a tight budget, then aluminum would be the smart buy.


Steel is usually used in zero gravity chairs. This is because they have a superb level of strength and elasticity. Though they are much more vulnerable than aluminum to all of the outdoor elements, they are powder-coated which helps to give your chair a long outdoor life.

Recycled plastic

If you are looking for a new reclining beach chair with footrest, then this option probably does not sound very ideal. However, there is a huge advantage to choosing this type of material for your beach chair. Recycled plastic is ranked very highly because it offers unmatched durability and resistance to salt, weather and bacterial growth.

As you can see, there are a lot of options from which to choose. But ultimately, the type of beach chair you purchase will depend on your specific needs and the activities you plan to use it for. You should also be sure to take things like height into consideration. Though this will vary from one individual to the next, most people are comfortable with their chairs at least nine to 12 inches from the ground.