Five Best Oversized Patio Umbrellas

Oversized patio umbrellas are designed in large sizes to accommodate a large number of people. Such umbrellas can be used when one is having a party or even a family meeting since you can be able to set up tables and chairs to fit the number of people attending. Below are some of the best-oversized patio umbrellas to consider buying in 2017. These umbrellas have different features that make them unique and ideal for various customers.

Abbas patio Umbrella

Abbas is an oversized patio umbrella that is ideal for those looking for an umbrella for a dining area. First off it is designed with a long pole that measures about 11 feet long, and the tent is broad enough to cover an area that measures 72 inches. The umbrella is cantilever which allows one to rotate it in different positions. The material is made of polyester fabric that is durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions like the sun and heavy rainfall. The umbrella is easy to clean hence making it possible to maintain. The umbrella is large enough to accommodate ten chairs all around. Another great feature of the umbrella is the pole stand which is made of steel ribs that are coated with bronze powder to protect it from chipping and rusting.

Giantex 10 ft Outdoor Patio Umbrella

The umbrella consists of sturdy and durable materials that can withstand different weather conditions. The base is made of cross-bar design that provides extra support and stability to the umbrella. It is versatile hence can be used in various locations such as the garden, the pool area or at the entrance of the house. The pole measures about 8.5 feet long which is an ideal height for all people. The diameter of the umbrella measures 10 feet wide and can accommodate ten chairs all around. Note that the umbrella is made in a standard form hence cannot be tilted.

Best Choice Products Patio Umbrella

Best choice patio umbrella is designed with dense duty material that provides shade during the sunny and rainy seasons. The umbrella is made of waterproof material that does not let in water, and the pole is coated with an aluminum powder that protects it from rusting if it comes into contact with water. The base of the umbrella has steel bottom and dense material that keeps it sturdy even during the windy times. Another benefit of owning best choice patio umbrella is the fact that it is designed with a crank operation that allows you to close the umbrella for storage in the case where you are not using it.

Abba Patio 11 Feet Cantilever Patio Umbrella

Apart from providing you with enough shade during the summer seasons, Abba patio 11 feet cantilever umbrella is designed with a durable cross base that offers ample stability for the parasol. The pole consists of rust-free material, and it is coated in brown color to give the umbrella a beautiful finish. It is adjustable to different lengths, and the umbrella can be rotated to different sides to offer enough shade.

Odaof 10 feet Patio Offset Hanging Umbrella

This is a user-friendly kind of patio umbrella that is adjustable to different directions and heights. Setting up is pretty much more comfortable, and it can also be used in various areas at home. The base of the patio umbrella is made of dense steel material that enables it to stand on different surfaces. The umbrella measures about 10 feet around making it ideal for people who need a large parasol. It is foldable for secure storage if not in use.