Guide to Buying Roller Skates for Kids

Roller skates are shoes, or bindings worn to enable the wearer to roll along on wheels. The first roller skate was an ice skate with blade which was replaced with wheels. The quad style roller skate have become popular consisting of four wheels arranged in the configuration of wheels of a typical car.

People of all ages enjoy skating, including kids. Skating is a safe and fun sport for kids even at a young age. How do you find the best quality roller skates for kids to assure your kid is confident and safe while learning to skate? The question that ponders many parents is what to consider when buying skates for their kids; their first pair of skates. The following are tips to guide you through buying the perfect skate for your kids.

The Kind of Roller Skates You Should Get For Your Kid

Inline Skates vs. Quad Roller Skates

There are two kinds of skates available for kids. For a younger beginner, quad skates are recommended. They have four wheels for effective balancing; 2 in front and 2 in the back. Inline skates don’t have effective balancing thus are for those kids who are already familiar with skating. Inline skates usually have 4-5 wheels but in one line, which doesn’t allow for effective balancing while not in motion. Quad skates gives kids a sense of standing in a normal position.

Inline roller skates for kids can be difficult because they usually have less strength in their ankles and legs. Kids can have difficulty standing upright and steady while riding on inline skates. They require some practice and building muscle strength before embarking riding on them. Inline skates can cause kids ankles to buckle and knees to turn in. Personal preference and comfort is always a preference for anyone buying skates for kids.

Choosing the Right Size and Features

Roller skates for kids come in smaller sizes and have boots that conform to the kid’s feet and ankles to ensure the kid is confident and stable on the skate. When choosing on the size, consider that your kid is going to outgrow the skate someday. Therefore, you may want to buy him/her a little big size. Fortunately, there are lots of roller skates for kids options and even skates are offered with adjustable sizing to allow room for growth.

Generally, you can buy one size bigger and still it will be okay for skating. Don’t buy more than one size bigger as it can hurt a skater’s feet and ankles. Loose skate is likely to cause blisters due to slipping and rubbing of the over-sized skate. In case you buy a larger skate, ensure the laces are tightly tied for the best support of the feet and ankles. Don’t use extra socks to pad the extra space as this will instead cause more moisture inside the skate.

Start your kid at an early age on skates to give him/her an advantage later as doing this will develop the muscles required for balancing and maintaining control while skating.