Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Splurge on Your Christmas Tree

If you’re willing to shell out the cash, you can spend well over $250 on just one artificial or live tree — some run even more than that and cost nearly $1,000. That’s an insane amount of money to spend, even if it is in celebration of the holoday season. What’s more, with so many decent quality cheap pre lit Christmas trees on the market, there’s really no need to pay an arm and a leg for festive decor. Here are a few reasons why you’d be better off not splurging on an expensive tree this year.

You can budget more for fabulous decorations

If you opt for cheap pre lit Christmas trees, you’ll have more money to invest in gorgeous ornaments and decorations. Ornaments are the real stars anyhow, right? With classier and more upscale looking ornaments, your tree won’t end up looking cheap at all. Choose ones that complement the lights on your tree and you’ll have a beautiful piece of seasonal decor on a budget. If you want to save even more money, pick out inexpensive metallic ornaments to make your tree look good and skip the pricey dcorations.

Less money for the tree = more money for gifts

It’s safe to say that your family and friends will be more concerned about what’s under the tree than the fact that you spent a ton of money to buy a Christmas tree in the first place. Shopping for cheap pre lit Christmas trees means you’ll have more in your holiday budget for gifts. A huge and gorgeous tree hovering over an assortment of gifts is no more appreciated that a modest and inexpensive tree sitting over those very same presents. Save yourself the money and go with the cheaper option.

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it can’t look great

Many think that cheap pre lit Christmas trees won’t look as nice as the pricey ones, but that’s not necessarily true. They may not be as tall, but cheaper trees can look every bit as gorgeous. Carefully choose the ornaments that you place on your tree, don’t go overboard with the number of decorations that you use, and you’ll have a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday celebration. It’s quite possible for expensive trees to look cheap just from being badly decorated, so if you thoughtfully plan how you’ll arrange your cheaper tree it will look just fine.

Cheap pre lit Christmas trees are a real time saver

One of the best things about cheap pre lit Christmas trees is they’re so hassle free — you don’t have to deal with stringing around lights, testing bulbs, or cleaning up fallen pine needles. All you have to do is pull it out of the box, set it up, plug it in, and enjoy. Best of all, when you choose cheap pre lit Christmas trees you’ll get a tree plus lights all in one combo. They’re the best choice by far for those who are short on time or short on money, and you can reuse them year after year.