How to Identify the Best Whitening Strips for Stained Teeth

Image is everything, so they say. People work tirelessly to maintain their physical appearance so as to maintain an appealing look. A good smile caps it all off though because even with an appealing appearance, you still have to talk to people, and an appealing smile matters to everyone.

Stained teeth trouble most people. Those affected tend to hide their smiles or secretly grin covering their mouth. This habit lowers self-esteem. However, there is a solution. If you have stained teeth, then you can consider using one of the best whitening strips for stained teeth.

The Best Whitening Strips for Stained Teeth

Teeth whitening products produce distinctive results. It can be a challenge just identifying the best one. To avoid wasting money on trial and error, note that there are teeth whiteners that stand out above the rest based on their quality. They give you brighter teeth, a radiant smile and best of all, stainless teeth. Below are some to try out first.

Crest White strips

This is one of the most preferred teeth whiteners. Judging by the name, you end up with significantly whiter teeth hence a brighter smile. These results can be achieved with just a few days of consistent use. They are packed in polyethylene strips coated with a narrow film of whitening gel.

Crest White strips comes in three different types namely Crest Noticeably White strips, Crest 3D Glamorous White and Crest 3D White Luxe White Strips Professional.

Each Crest product has a level of effectiveness, but they all produce acceptable results after recommended usage period. Depending on the intensity of your teeth stains, you can notice immediate changes from within an hour to just a few days’ use, changes that can last to about a year.

Diet and Safety of Teeth Whitening Products

Consistency is key in using teeth whiteners to achieve noticeable results. Despite maintaining consistency to have whitened teeth, certain habits might influence the outcome. Eating habits that involve heavy intake of dietary products like coffee and tea, carbonated drinks, chocolates, sweets, sauces and red wine can considerably slow down teeth whitening progress even when using the best whitening strips for stained teeth. So keep of these.

Everyone reacts differently to any products out there, and teeth whiteners are no different. Since they are made of chemicals, the after effect might be a concern for some people. For example, a number of teeth whiteners contain chlorine dioxide, a chemical that can damage enamel. It works by removing stains on your enamel, and prolonged usage can weaken your teeth enamel over time. Peroxide or bleach is considered better alternatives since they whiten and bleach the teeth.

As much as teeth whiteners are do-it-yourself products, caution is still necessary. Sensitivity is a common side effect of teeth whitening. It can last several minutes but disappears after a while. Additionally, strips are meant to stay on, if they do not then they are not good quality.

In conclusion, the right thing to do is regular dental checks. Before using teeth whiteners, consult your dentist.