Inflatable Dog Collars Are A Must-Have

Dogs somehow can’t stay away from licking their own wounds when they undergo surgery or develop an injury due to some other reasons. It’s just hard to stop them from licking or chewing their own wounds, unless something is done to prevent them from doing so.

However, human beings have creatively moved to a whole new step. Hard cone collars have been replaced by inflatable dog collars. For this reason, every dog owner out there is investing in an inflatable dog collar because they’ve realized it’s comfortable, and does not make drinking, eating or moving around hell of earth.

Yet again, an inflatable dog collar will keep the dog’s tongue away from licking his wounds thereby risking an infection.

To cut the long story short, an inflatable dog collar offers a solution that other dog collars are not able to offer.

How your dog reacts to the collar

Some dogs are pretty laid back. They don’t have qualms accepting whatever is thrown their way. However, others will get nervous the first time they’re introduced to a new idea, and may therefore do their best to get it off.

Luckily, if your dog is kind of stubborn and doesn’t accept new ideas easily, you can learn the various ways of fastening inflatable dog collars. This way, you will know which way to go depending on your dog’s personality.

Are dogs safe with these collars even when not being supervised?

It is a horrible thing to leave your dog unattended to the first time he is putting on an inflatable collar. You have to see how he responds to it first before leaving him on his own.

Another reason that prompts this kind of inspection is that you want to ensure he is not removing it in your absence. Otherwise, if a loophole exists, then he will be able to remove it and continue licking his wounds. Of course this exposes him to potential dangers that can cause further damage on his wounds.

Finally, before attempting to leave your dog on his own, you need to see how his mobility is being affected when putting on the collar. If the collar doesn’t hinder his movement in any way, then you should probably feel assured that he’s safe even in your absence.

Things to look for when getting an inflatable dog collar

Traditional collars go to the extent of interfering with a dog’s vision. This affects their ability to calculate distance, and may cause a dog to bump on his surroundings or furniture for that matter. You need to keenly watch out for this because such a cone collar will harm your dog’s neck since it is constantly being jarred.

Finally, you should only invest in an inflatable dog collar that’s made of tough construction. Such materials make it difficult for stubborn dogs to scratch or bite.

Always choose a material that’s washable to keep your dog’s hygiene in the best possible shape. Of course check for the correct fit in accordance with his neck. If it’s too big, it will easily come out when the dog is wearing it. On the other hand, if it’s too small, it will make movement or eating difficult. Therefore, correct sizing is imperative.