Lupine Dog Collars: Best Quality and Value

Lupine adjustable dog collars are perfect for the everyday pup. They will keep your dog secure, comfortable, and safe. Every size range is covered with Lupine Dog Collars. This is a versatile collar that has quick drying nylon webbing so if your dog gets into water, the collar will quickly dry and keep the dog comfortable. The strong D-rings, heavy duty side release clasps, and climbing grade webbing. The D-rings are rust resistant and designed to hold up for years of use. The webbing will stay vibrant even after the washing machine, the dog, and the environment.

Padded handle dog leashes

These leashes have quality Lupine webbing, and in addition a padded handle. If your dog has a strong pull, these leashes are for you. The padded handle protects your hand from the strongest of dogs. It has a brushed nylon underside and is light-weight. The non-bulky design allows for fold up storage in your pocket. The cold weather snaps come in two options. Small leads have a trigger style snap, while medium and large leads have a gate style snap. These snaps allow for easy attachment to collars.

Roman harness

Veterinarians recommend these harnesses for their comfort and safety. These lupine dog harnesses help to protect the dog’s delicate trachea. Adjustable shoulder straps reduce strain on the neck and the back. The YKK is the strongest plastic buckle, and many times test stronger than the leading metal buckles. The non-plastic tri guide keeps the strongest of pullers in a fixed position because of the teeth grip built in to the collar. Lupine uses tack bar in the nylon that is the same strength in nylon used by climbers for optimum strength.

Step-in harness

This is a great lead for dogs that like to hike with you in the woods. The minimally intrusive design allows your dog to be safe, and comfortable. It reduces pressure on the neck and gives the dog greater endurance on long walks. There is a single buckle over the shoulders that allows for easy on and off for even the most hyper dogs. It comes with an adjustable sternum strap that ensures a snug fit. The lead attaches to both D-rings and therefore distributes pressure and force evenly. This helps alleviate stress to the dog during walks.

Martingale collar

This is the collar that will keep your dog from quickly backing out and slipping off the leash. It features a limited slip choker action. This collar is famous among many dog trainers because of its reliability and safety. Unlike other chokers, you won’t hear a clanking sound, this choker action is very quiet. It keeps the dog calm and under control.

Lupine collections

These collars are made of premium jacquard nylon. They are trendy and stylish. They have been tested for color fastness. That means the colors won’t fade even after many trips in the washing machine or years of use. They offer collars in original, eco, club, and basic.