Must Have Camping Gear for Your Next Trip

Camping can be a fun and memorable adventure, but if you’re ill prepared it can quickly turn into a disaster. There’s nothing worse than heading out to a camp site, getting half-way there, and discovering that you left some of your essentials and gear at home. Before you set off for your next camping trip, here’s a list of items that you should definitely take along.

A place to sleep

Sure, there’s the whole glamping trend these days and some people opt to rent an RV or stay at a campsite with cabin rentals. However, if you’re trying to experience the old school camping trip that so many still enjoy, you’ve got to rough it and bring along a tent. Don’t just go buy any tent that’s on sale – make sure it’s sturdy, will hold up well for the time of year that you’re going camping, and will fit everyone who’s with you. In other words, if you have five people on your camping trip, a tent that fits just four to six people may not cut it.

The right clothing

The key to staying comfortable while on a camping trip is dressing in layers. Even in the summer this is the smart route to take, and it’s definitely best in the fall and winter seasons. Bring along light sweaters that you can put on and off, and long johns aren’t a bad idea in colder weather. Aside from layers of clothing, your shoes are important. Take a pair of flip flops, water shoes, or slide sandals if you plan to swim, several pairs of socks, and shoes or boots with good traction if you’ll be hiking.

Something to cook on

Campers often forget to be adequately prepared when it comes to food and water. Even if you’ll be near a stream where you can refill your containers, it’s still a good idea to bring a gallon or two of distilled water for cooking and drinking in an emergency. As for food, a camping stove is a great idea, but you’ll need a reliable one such as the Coleman camp stove. Whether you want to cook hot dogs, burgers, chili, or reheat food from cans, it’s hard to beat a Coleman camp stove when it comes to cost and versatility.

Ways to explore

One of the best parts of camping is the chance to explore nature. Don’t forget to bring field guides if you like observing wildlife or birds, and binoculars will serve you well for bird watching. If you’re bringing kids along, don’t forget to have ways for them to stay engaged, learn, and enjoy the trip as well. You may want to bring along scavenger hunt packs, bug capture kits, butterfly nets, or fishing poles so everyone in the family will have something to do. If you’re going to set a bon fire while you’re at the camp site, it’s practically a must that you have a marshmallow roast – bring along your own long skewers from home instead of depending on finding suitable sticks.