Top 3 Beach Chairs with Umbrella Attached

No matter the style of beach chair you choose to go with, whether it be a recliner, one made with duck cloth or one with a footrest, you may find yourself bringing an umbrella to the beach with you as a means of complimenting your new beach chair. If this sounds like you (or like it will be you when summer rolls around), it may be worthwhile to look into acquiring a new beach chair with umbrella attached. Doing so can prove both convenient and cost saving when compared to buying and carrying the two items separately. With this in mind let’s take a look at some of the best beach chairs with umbrellas attached on the market right now.

1. Sport-Brella Recliner

When it comes to getting comfortable and staying comfortable on the beach, nothing beats the Sport-Brella Recliner. While it may take a moment or two to completely set up, once you finish doing so, you’ll be more than happy that you did. The chair’s reclining feature has three different settings; one which has you sit up, one which has you lay down, and one that’s somewhere in between. Its umbrella also comes with three settings, blocking out the sun no matter where it may be positioned. Outside of its versatility in allowing one to position oneself, it also comes as being very comfortable relative to other products of its type due to its built-in footrest, as well as its material closely resembling duck cloth, leaving those who lean back to actually sink in to a degree.

2. Bravo Sports High Back

The Bravo Sports High Back isn’t the most comfortable beach chair with umbrella attached, nor is it full of features. What it is; however, is easily the most portable chair of its type. Unlike many beach chairs with umbrellas, the Bravo Sports High Back can simply be tucked under one’s arm (or even thrown in a backpack, depending on the size of the backpack) and set up in a matter of seconds. Its major downsides seem to revolve around both comfort (it doesn’t recline and has no footrest) and shading (as its umbrella is a shade which can’t be adjusted, meaning you’ll need to rotate the chair at regular intervals for long periods of sitting). It still makes a great chair for its size and, if you’re simply looking for something portable, this may very well be your best choice.

3. Flexzion Double Folding Chair

The Flexzion Double Folding Chair is made specifically for couples who plan on going to the beach together. Its umbrella is much larger than others of its type and does a great job of simultaneously shading both of its chairs (which are connected together) at once. At the same time, it can still prove to be useful by those using it alone, due to its built-in cooler which can also act as a table. It comes at a much lower price than two chairs of the same quality sold separately and is perfect for those who always plan on going to the beach with a friend or loved one.