What to Expect When you Shopping for DUI Auto Insurance

Buying affordable auto insurance can be a very challenging experience since the rates for car insurance are already inherently high today. In fact, even when vehicle owners are shopping for low rates with a completely clean driving history, affordable insurance rates are often difficult to find. Unfortunately, this challenging experience can become even more difficult if you are looking for the best DUI Auto insurance rates and policies in the industry.

To avoid paying auto insurance rates that makes it too difficult to pay on a monthly basis, here are several things that you should know about applying for DUI Auto Insurance.

Some Insurance Providers Offer First Time Offender DUI Auto Insurance Coverage

The financial penalties for driving under the influence can be quite stiff from one insurance provider to the next so it essential that you know how to find the best affordable rates for your situations. Particularly, if you are now seen as a first time offender that has been convicted. Primarily, when these situations occur, there are some insurance companies that will provide rates that DUI drivers can afford, and they may also come with certain amount of perks that makes their offers better than the rest. For instance, after the driver gets their license back and signs up for their DUI Auto Insurance policies, the insurance company will deliver rental cars directly to the policyholder, tow damaged vehicles to the proper destination and provide 24 hour claim reporting when needed. All of which are added perks for first-time offenders when they purchase these types of policies.

Shop Around for the Lowest Insurance Premium Policies

People who drive under the influence automatically pose a certain amount of risks to themselves and others around them. In fact, anything can happen at any time since their judgments and other reactions to things are impaired. Therefore, whenever a driver is charged with a DUI, most insurance companies will view these drivers are higher in risks, and very costly to insure by the company. Therefore, before these drivers can get back on the road, the insurance may offer a policy but they are normally at much higher premiums than before. According to statistics provided by quotewizard.com and other reputable sites, DUI drivers can expect their rates to increase by as much as 94% on the average after the first year. Also, by the third year, the rates will still remain very high since the increase in rate will range around 63% of the initial amount.

Finding affordable DUI auto insurance after a DUI conviction can be a very challenging experiencing since most insurance providers will automatically require these drivers to pay higher premium before the insurance can be approved. Therefore, to minimize the financial impact, these drivers must shop around for lower premiums and policies that will still offer a certain amount of special perks.