Why A Good Retractable Dog Leash Is Safer Than You Think

Having a dog comes with a lot of responsibility. Having a large dog requires even more of it – you have to feed your pet more food, give it more space and walk it much more often. Moreover, you have to protect the people that pass you by from the dog – while a small puppy most likely won’t hurt anyone, a large dog is capable of jumping on someone, causing this person to fall what may cause a lot of damage. That’s why you should make sure that you take care of your safety (and the safety of others) while walking your dog. What’s the best thing that you can do? Start with choosing the best retractable dog leash for large dogs you can find.

Are retractable leashes safe?

Walking your dog on a leash is most of the time a must and is often regulated by law. Retractable leashes do not have a positive image – many people believe they can be dangerous and harmful to both dogs and people. What they miss is that using poor quality products of any kind can be dangerous – it doesn’t have to be a leash. Moreover, because a dog on a retractable leash can get far away from its owner, some people are afraid to pass by dogs on such leashes, especially the big ones. This is caused by individuals who don’t know how to walk their dog properly, and the type of leash has nothing to do with safety here. Even the best retractable dog leash for large dogs won’t help people who don’t know how to walk their dogs – and it’s a shame because good dog walking has a lot of health benefits both for people and their dogs.

Protect your dog from strains and other injuries

The above concern is quickly diminished as soon as people try a retractable leash of high quality and when they learn how to command their dog properly, regardless if its size. A good retractable dog leash can protect your dog from common injuries such as cuts and burns caused by a leash wrapping around various body parts. It also gives you a full command of your best friend. You can keep the biggest dog close to you when you need him (or when others need you to do so) and give him some freedom when you two are alone in a more open space but not open enough for you to free your dog completely.

A high-quality retractable dog leash can protect your dog even better than a conventional one. The best types offer special “buffers” which protect your dog’s body by decreasing the power of jolt occurring when the leash stops your dog from chasing a squirrel or jumping on someone. Please keep in mind, though, that even the best safety features won’t help you if you don’t know how to walk your dog. But if the dog obeys your commands (or at least acts as if he did most of the time) a retractable leash is an awesome choice, giving your dog a lot of space and keeping it close to you when needed. That’s especially important when it comes to big dogs; that’s why choosing the best retractable dog leash for large dogs is so important.